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Tribute to Mr. Mahmoud Reda

In 2001 I had the great honor and fulfillment of being part of the International Conference on Middle Eastern Dance.  We brought Mme. Farida Fahmy and Mr. Mahmoud Reda for teaching and participating by lecture.  Here I introduce Mahmoud Reda.

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Egypt Diary: First Night in Luxor (June 2014)

The Nile Valley was celebrating on the eve of the inauguration of their new president Sisi. I saw Cairo celebrations June 3 and then on June 7 I saw the celebrations in Luxor. We were staying on the west bank of Luxor at Gezira Gardens Hotel, heard the mizmar and walked over. It was a […]

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Egypt Diary: Arrival in Egypt (June 2014)

I write this blog in Cairo; I have been in Egypt 16 days now. Yesterday was the first day that I stayed in and rested, organized my Luxor and Cairo videos and photos, and backed up most of them in an external hard drive (yes, I have finally learned that lesson). It seemed for 14 […]

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Who is Nelly Mazloum?

Who is Nelly Mazloum? Nelly Mazloum was a film star in the Classic Black & White Cinema Era in the 1940’s-60’s, starting as a child prodigy in her first film was when she was 10 years old. Ms. Mazloum has a strong position in the Cairo film and theater dance history. I was not only […]

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