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Tribute to Mr. Mahmoud Reda

In 2001 I had the great honor and fulfillment of being part of the International Conference on Middle Eastern Dance that I co-sponsored with Angelika Nemeth and Shareen al Safy.  We brought Mme. Farida Fahmy and Mr. Mahmoud Reda for teaching and participating by lecture.  Here I introduce Mahmoud Reda.

Of course when I share that “not only is he a gifted, dedicated, disciplined dancer…” I got emotional and Roxanne Shelaby had to carry on “but he created an art form, a type of dance that did not exist before.  Sometimes a special talented artist arrives that is a milestone in his or her art with a legacy of that art form before them.”

We will forever in appreciation to the artist, director, pioneer, and sweet man Mr. Mahmoud Reda.  I am so thankful.

P.S. My dance company Ya Amar! was so excited to escort Estaz Mahmoud Reda into the stage, wearing our vintage Reda-signature “Ghareeb Al Dar” costumes.”

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