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Journey Through Egypt

Journey Through Egypt is the brainchild of Sahra C. Kent (Saeeda). After studying Dance Ethnology at UCLA and studying Egyptian Folkloric dance under Farida Fahmy Sahra moved to Egypt to conduct research for her master’s thesis on the Zeffat al’Arusah. During this research she discovered more and more about the culture & dances of Egypt. Applying her learning of Dance Ethnology and the advice of many of her local resources in Egypt the idea for Journey Through Egypt was born.


The first Graduating class of JtE-1 in 2008. Photo provided by Aubre Hill

First presented in 2008, Journey through Egypt has been offered over 50 times throughout the United States and internationally. Over the years the course has grown past its humble beginning and now spans 4 classes – 2 of which involve travel to Egypt to study in person.

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Sahra C. Kent

Sahra conversing with JtE 3 & 4 participants on the return from Philae Island

Sahra conversing with JtE 3 & 4 participants on the return from Philae Island


Sahra started her bellydance career at the Arabic nightclub, The Cascades, in Los Angeles, CA.


Sahra as caught on stage by photographer Andre Elbing

While she had always been interested in the intersection of culture and dance (her Bachelors was in Cultural Anthropology and Archaeology), a need to grow as a dancer sent her to the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) where she pursued a Masters degree in Dance Ethnology.

Through the course of her study, she had the amazing good fortune to find a great friend and mentor in her program, Farida Fahmy. When the time came to begin research for her thesis on the Zeffat al’Arusah, Farida encouraged her to come to Cairo and pursue that research in person.

While in Egypt she received a contract with the Meridian-Heliopolis 5-star hotel, which she held for nearly 6 years. Her position as a local dancer gave her an amazing springboard to learn about the zeffah, and so much more.

Sahra now teaches and dances around the world, sharing her theories on dance in Egypt, the regions, the “tables”, and the way everything fits together. She is constantly conducting more research with two trips to Egypt each year, every time hunting for that next “puzzle piece” that will reveal ever more about the dance, and the culture, that she fell in love with over 30 years ago.

Tiffany Noro

Tiffany, Non-Dancer Image

Tiffany on the Nile headed to a Nubian Village in Aswan, Egypt

Tiffany is the technical know-how behind the online undertaking of Journey Through Egypt.

Based in Jacksonville, Florida she divides her time between an immense love of bellydance and travel.


Tiffany in front of the Great Pyramids of Egypt. Photo by Yasmina of Cairo

After taking Sahra’s Journey Through Egypt course in 2012, her entire outlook on dance was changed. Realizing the good that this information could provide to all dancers, she endevoured to convince Sahra to let her help take the business online, and provide this information to the whole world, at once.

One long lunch at their favorite Mexican restaurant later and a plan was formed, and it’s just been growing ever since. From the initial launch of JtE on the internet to a Kickstarter that raised over 20 thousand dollars, the response from the Sahra’s fans and fans of JtE has been beyond amazing, inspiring Tiffany to work even harder to continue to motivate the production of new products, articles, and experiences for them.

She hopes to continue the growth of Sahra and JtE, so if you have any suggestions about projects you would like to see please feel free to e-mail her at You can also drop her a line with any questions, booking inquiries, or really anything else you might be curious about!

Welcome to Journey Through Egypt!

Sahra and Tiffany in Aswan, Egypt at the JtE-3 and 4 graduation ceremony, 2015