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You’ve learned the dance (or at least you’re starting too), but what about the history? The culture? The people? Shouldn’t we know just as much about those things as the dance itself? How does knowing about the context of the dance affect our dance practice?


Sahra teaching JtE-3 in Cairo, Egypt. 2015.

It makes us better dancers

It also makes us more culturally aware, and respectful, which is never a bad thing.

Sahra Kent (a.k.a Sahra Saeeda) studied Dance Ethnology at UCLA, during which time she spent 6 years in Egypt researching and writing her master’s thesis on the zeffah, and opening doors to all kinds of knowledge.

Over 20 years later, her yearly research continues, and you’ve found the place where she shares it. From accounts of her time in Egypt to ethnological discussions of the dance zones of the country and the different “tables” of dance to be found there, you’re sure to find everything you’re searching for and more.

If you’re new to Sahra’s research

here are some posts that can acquaint you with her unique perspective of the dance and culture. The building blocks that will be referenced throughout the books and articles you’ll find here on the site.

If you’re familiar with the JtE Concepts

then you’ll find lots of articles here to deepen your understanding of the dance, and it’s place throughout Egypt.

Join the fun!

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