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Journey Through Egypt 4 (JtE-4) – Luxor, Aswan, & Abu Simbel, Egypt

Journey Through Egypt 4 (JtE-4) – Luxor, Aswan, & Abu Simbel, Egypt

February 13th – 24th

Sponsored by Sahra Kent!

Registration Information

For information regarding the registration process & prices for the weekend intensive please click here to go to the registration page!

Information about Journey Through Egypt 4

Readied from our core work in JtE-1, JtE-2 and JtE-3 we continue our quest, learning and experiencing movement and culture taught to us by a variety of indigenous peoples. with more than 40 hours of instruction in 12 days.JtE-4 happens on-site with Upper Egypt as the Classroom.

Activities include dance classes, Dance Ethnology training in Upper Egypt including Luxor and Aswan, with tours in Edfu and Kom Ombo, historical sites, interviews with people in the know, observing Nubian culture, culminating in a performance with live Nubian musicians and graduation.

The real Egypt is filled with vibrant people and colorful dance!

I never felt so alive; enjoying cardamon coffee and Nubian dancing on the hilltop overlooking the Nile in Aswan.. sweating and dancing w/ Kharriya Mazin and getting to savor her sweet smile and tea…. those rare moments when you just follow your passion and live fully. You could never regret making that plunge.- Shiraz, JtE 1-4 Graduate –


Journey Through Egypt 4 is officially Sold Out. Please email Tiffany[@]JourneyThroughEgypt[dot]com to be put on a waiting list for cancellations.

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