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Journey Through Egypt 3 – Cairo, Egypt

Journey Through Egypt 3 (JtE-3) – Cairo, Egypt

February 6th – 13th

Sponsored by Sahra Kent!

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For information regarding the registration process & prices for the weekend intensive please click here to go to the registration page!

Information about Journey Through Egypt 3

Journey Through Egypt 3 is a continuation of the concepts discussed in Journey  Through Egypt 1 and 2  and is only open to people who have completed both JtE 1 & 2.

We live the real Egypt, not just a tourist experience. While learning anthropological observation techniques,we interview and observe local people, gaining insight into the culture in which these dances emerge.JtE-3 happens On-site in Cairo, Egypt and includes: dance classes, Dance Ethnology training in Cairo and Giza, historical sites, interviews with people in the know and personal attention to the development of your own personal fieldwork. Journey Through Egypt 3 consists of more than 40 hours of instruction in 7 days.

The real Egypt is not just the marble floors of the 5-star hotels, not just a bus rushing to take us to artifacts behind glass. With the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx directly outside our classroom window, we continue our dance tradition coursework, concentrating on the dances, ritual and cultures we will be visiting.

We spend our time dancing to live Egyptian musicians, viewing Tanura and Zeffah first hand, walking down Mohammed Ali Street (famous for Awalem and musicians), talking to and enjoying the people we have only read about.


Nothing can top dancing to live music in Egypt, with the pyramids as a backdrop. It was also a joy to meet Farida Fahmy and to visit Mohammed Ali street. But just being in Egypt with Sahra, who is a wealth of knowledge and experience and generosity, made the trip an experience I’ll never forget. I couldn’t begin to plan a trip like this on my own, and hope to learn as much as I did. The experience in Egypt gives you a real feel for the culture, music and dance – not just a sanitized tourist experience.- Shannon, JTE 1-3 Graduate –


Journey Through Egypt 3 is Officially Sold Out. Please email Tiffany[@]JourneyThroughEgypt[dot]com to be put on a waiting list for cancellations.

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Dancing Nile Cruise – Egypt

Dancing Nile Cruise – Egypt

October 22nd – 29th

Sponsored by Simone Gerstgrasser

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For information regarding the registration process & prices for the workshops please visit Simone’s website

Information About this Workshop

This Nile Cruise includes full room and board while providing TONS of dance content to live musicians as you float down the Nile! A full itinerary of events can be seen here.



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Nubian Traditional Arts

The scarves of the Nubianhouse cultural center in Luxor, Egypt used to be in high demand, but due to recent circumstances the tourism rate of Upper Egypt has dropped significantly, […]

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