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Workshop in Washington DC

Workshops in Washington DC

July 21st 2017

Sponsored by Sahara Dance

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 Baladi Awad & Tet Baladi

“Baladi” is one of those words that mean so many things; it literally means “my country” but to Egyptian-style dancers it can refer to a specific progression of musical sections. In Cairo “Baladi” is particularly used for dancing and associated with Awalim (the professional dancers) from the famous “Mohamed Ali Street” in Old Cairo. Sahra will first present the cultural history of the Awalem, Mohamed Ali street and of the possible roots of “Baladi” progression. Then we will learn the classic structure of the musical/rhythmic sections in the two basic types Baladi; “Awadi Baladi” and “Tet Baladi” – and learn steps and movement for each section.

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