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Ever wanted to learn some authentic, Cairo style Orientale from the Classic Golden Age? How about during the Transition Period? Nubian? Saidi dance to use as a nice spice for your Orientale show? To learn all about the different regions of Egypt and the dances found there?

Sahra offers workshops in all of those, and many more! Not only will you learn the techniques and steps inherent to that dance form, but sprinkled throughout practice will be bits and pieces of the history of that style. Or if you’d rather, you can flip the standard formula and have an intensive weekend donated entirely to the learning of the styles and their history through lecture settings with interactive lessons on each region in the Journey Through Egypt courses.


Bring to your area or studio the unique combination of technique and history that Sahra provides! Sahra is currently booking workshops for 2018.

What would you like to Sponsor?

The Journey Through Egypt JtE-1 & 2 each consist of 20 in-class hours, usually spread over a Friday night, Saturday (all day, but it goes by fast!), and Sunday until late afternoon.

Workshop attendees for JtE-1 are provided with study guides, a binder, a DVD of “Journey Through Egypt” with Ya Amar! dance company, and a CD of music from the various regions of Egypt for academic use during JtE-1.

Sahra also brings a giant suitcase full of clothing from the various regions of Egypt, including Si’wa wedding clothing, Bedouin traditional clothing, Nubian homestyle and theater stage style costuming, and much more from Sa’idi, Delta, and Cairo regions. Class time is split between lectures, videos, clothing descriptions/wearing, and dancing.

Workshop attendees of JtE-2 are provided with more study guides and summaries to put into their binders from JtE-1.

Class size is limited to 25 attendees. This small number ensures that there will be rich discussions and that everyone will have a chance to ask their questions. And you will have a lot of them!

At the end of the 20 hours each student will be presented with a Certificate of completion signed by Sahra.

If you are interested in hosting a Journey Through Egypt in your town, please e-mail : for pricing and availability.

To read more about the Journey Through Egypt program – please click here .

Sahra teaches a variety of workshops in many different styles.

Here are a list of some of the most requested workshops :

Choreography Workshops
must be at least 3 hours

many songs from the different eras
Melaya Luff
Drum Solo
with and without Sagat
Technique Workshops
any time limit

Upper Egypt


Sa’idi For Oriental Dancers

Sa’idi & Assaya


Northern Egypt


Suez Canal / Simsimiyya (Bambouteyya)

Western Desert / Hagallah


Classic B&W era

Transition Era (Fifi & Suhair)

Modern Egyptian

Entrances & Traveling Steps

Taqsim, Tarab, and Saltanah

Baladi Awad & Tet Baladi

The 4 ways to Dance Shamadan

How to dance & structure the Zeffat al ‘Aroosa

But that’s not all! If you’re looking for something that isn’t listed above – contact us anyway! If it’s an Egyptian style, odds are that Sahra knows enough to teach a workshop, or at least what direction to point you in.

If you’re interested in discussing sponsorship of one or more workshops please contact for pricing and availability.