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“Al’ab al-Atfal” – a cute girls’ dance

In the midst of so many serious blogs and videos of Sa’idi Tahtib and Assaya, today I will post a light-hearted video and story, and short, only 1:48. The inspiration was a children’s dance and game that Mahmoud Reda and his researchers observed during his 1965 research trip to Up
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Sa’idi “Tahtib” and Mahmoud Reda

Sa’idi "Tahtib" and Sa’idi "raqs assaya" were two of Mahmoud Reda’s favorite folkloric “dances” to be brought to the stage. Many times he has told me that both were styles that were already interesting, he was easily inspired by them, and did not have to change anything to m
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The Kickstarter is LIVE!

As many of you know, I spent almost 6 years of my life living and working in Egypt at the Meridien-Heliopolis in Cairo. During my time there I conducted a lot of field research, seeking out people to interview about the various dances found throughout the country and more. Since my re
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Sa’idi Tahtib – Local Professionals

During the Journey through Egypt intensives we look at each region of Egypt from six different viewpoints, seeking to organize the information into six “jigsaw puzzles” on six different tables.
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What is the Sa’idi “Tahtib” Part II – Video Examples

To continue our Sa’idi "Tahtib" subject, this week we have two fun videos! An Informal Game of Tahtib The first video shows the “play” aspect that the "tahtib" can employ. This was not a formal tournament nor was it an event that normally includes the "tah
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What is the Sa’idi “Tahtib”

“Tahtib” is a martial arts fight popular in the Sa’idi region for well over 3300 years. The photo above shows "tahtib" fighters as part of the Jubilee celebration of Amenhotep III, carved in the tomb of the noble Kheruef, whose mother was the main singer of Isis.¹ Amenhotep III
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An Update Broke the Site a Bit

Unfortunately a recent update to our site's framework has caused some issues with the events pages and images throughout the site. We are hard at work putting everything to rights, so please excuse the mess as we work to get everything back in order. If something particularly weird
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“Blessing of the River” Part II – A Nubian Baby Ritual

This last December when we visited the Nubian House Luxor, I looked for the “Blessing of the River” carpet. It had been sold, and I missed the story. Now Mr. Gamal has painted this scene for us, and he also forwarded the video we saw last week. [caption id="attachment_779" alig
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“Blessing of the River” Part I – A Nubian Baby Ritual

I first became aware of the “Blessing of the River” ritual a couple years ago while we were visiting the Nubian House in Luxor. I always ask Mr. Gamal Latif to explain the stories in the rugs to us, and every year we would see this carpet and listen to this baby ritual. So far
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